If Biblical Heros were Men

It was not my intention, I had no idea that is what the question would be, no idea viewers thought that, but there I was in the woods with a model, the headpiece I made, the slip I bought for the shoot.  I had no idea when I picked up the branch for her to play with.  "Move slowly," I said.  With dancers, best to move slowly, very slowly as shapes get created.

Once in the editing mode it seemed perfect to lower the saturation, not much more. 

When the images were completed and shown I was asked about the "statement" I had made.

What statement?  I was looking at shapes, light, her face, the line. 

In the end the question arises.  What if Jesus were a woman. 

I didn't start out in the woods with the question, the question appeared later, and got me thinking.  What would the Last Supper look like?  What if Moses were a women, as beautiful as a dancer on a Greek vase? 

Stay tuned.

What is it about inspiration?

What inspires?  What works for you?  Where is your quiet? I sometimes feel confined. I sometimes feel that art is that thing we fight for, the time, the space, everything aligned to allow for creation.  Artists live in the real world.  We have families, kids, other jobs.  So to be quiet in itself is a fight.  Let the laundry pile up, don't make that bed, be messy and put is all aside.  The world will try to confine you.  The job is to push back and create.